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The 1,000 Youth Initiative : Greatness May 30, 2011

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In a twitter conversation today, @futurecapetown  asked what you would say to inspire 1,000 unemployed youth. Here’s what I would say:

You live in the most exciting of times. You are now living at the most exciting times, not only of your own life, but of life in general!

We’ve seen how youth, with the power of social networking and collaboration, are not only able to effect social change within their own city, and even their own country, but you’re able to effect change across the world. And thanks to the modern communication, you can do it at lightning speed!

Now just think of what would happen, if you use the power within you…

We are all born with the power and potential to become achieve greatness. Within all of us, lies the ability to do great things, not only for ourselves, but for humanity. For some of us, it might be a little easier, but that which lies within will always require us to work extraordinarily hard so that it may shine through.

Indeed, in life nothing worth achieving will come easy, or even naturally, but as you work towards whatever goal to which you aspire, you will find that you slowly become more aware of yourself, as well as those around you and their needs. Once you begin to learn the art of marrying these 2 processes, you will notice that, slowly but surely greatness will shine forth. And this is the moment in your life when the seeds of greatness will begin to sprout forth.

No-one can achive greatness on their own. Martin Luther King jnr said, “I cannot be what I ought to be unless you become what you ought to be”. Therefore, greatness cannot effectively manifest itself through me, unless it is able to see itself in you.

So through the wonder of modern communication and creating the future in the present, let’s talk about our goals, our aspirations, our difficulties and our challenges. Let’s agree on how to work with them in making the future the most ideal we can. Let’s focus on how we can walk life’s road together, side by side.

And together,  let’s achieve greatness.