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HootSuite is listed as in a relationship August 31, 2011

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HootSuite is listed as in a relationship with Facebook – new features in-dash #HootBook http://owl.li/6fRqw


Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook (via WordPress.com News) June 22, 2011

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Here’s an easy way to comment on my blog!

Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook Starting today, visitors to your blog can use their Facebook or Twitter account to leave comments. This saves everyone a few steps and gives visitors control over which identity they use.  It's a win for everyone. As an important touch, we let you stay logged in to multiple services. This means you can stay logged in to Facebook for convenience, but still leave a comment through Twitter or your WordPress.com account. Just click whichever identity … Read More

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Racialism : The DA’s Rubicon June 16, 2011

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In South Africa, today is Youth Day. We celebrate the youth’s invaluable contribution to the struggle for liberation. It is especially poignant today as, on June 16, 1976, the Soweto uprising occurred where students took to the streets in protest of Afrikaans being the language of instruction for Bantu Education (as stipulated by the apartheid government). It is widely believed that uprising kick-started the liberation struggle in South Africa which resulted in democracy in 1994.

However, in the light of the recent local government elections, and subsequent commentaries by various ministers, the African National Congress seems hellbent on using racialism as a means to cling to power. In the recent election debates, through various media, virtually every ANC had no viable strategy for combating the corruption and cronyism that has cripled move than half of the municipalities in this nation. As a result, the Democratic Alliance‘s message of “Service Delivery for all” was embraced by more voters in different regions by various racial groups than ever before. Among black voters, although the gains were small, the percentage increase was significant enough for most political journalists to sit up and take notice of the DA’s rising influence in the local government halls of power.

However, as long as the ANC persists with the racial card, the DA will find it difficult to garner enough support to change the balance of power in parliament. The DA’s greatest challenge right now is that its leadership does not adequately represent all the racial groups within South Africa. The task of redressing this issue, in my humble opinion, is  certainly not insurmountable. The strategy increase support in the May 18 election clearly worked, and to keep the momentum going, I would say a 3-pronged strategy would be needed.

Firstly, we have to continue to grow leaders from within. The DA Young Leaders program and the LEAD project has unearthed some young, raw talent that already has been converted to competent public representation. In the YLP class of 2008, my year, 4 people are now local councillors, 3 run the DA Youth wing, 1 came within 800 votes of the Kwazulu-Natal legislature, and virtually all of us are involved in DA political activity in some shape or form. This is clearly a good breeding ground for talent, and would complement other efforts to raise the party’s profile among all race groups. There are other leaders like Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mmusi Maimane, who have not come through LEAD or the YLP. The process of growing these leaders from within will be slow, but the fruits of it are already being seen.

Secondly, the strategy of using the web as means of communication and awareness must continue. The DA used the platforms of Twitter and FaceBook extremely well in the election campaign. As complimentary to this, other forms of mobile communication can be used to convey the message of the Open, Opportunity Society for All. There have been 2 mobile communication conferences in Cape Town in the past 2 weeks, and both of them have explored the vast opportunities that have arisen out of the rise of the smartphone. While this technology might not be available to all at present, it will almost certainly define the future of communication. Exploiting the opportunities presented now will ensure that the DA remains the leader in mobile communication within the political sphere

Although the above points are important, they pale in comparison to the last one. DA leaders who have worked hard to gain a significant media presence, but be constantly seen in areas in which the DA would not normally be associated with. And those of us who have a rising profile must use the opportunity to be seen spreading the party message in all parts of our land. This strategy, used effectively until the 2014 General Election, will ensure that by then, we would have made significant inroads into the racial debate to which the ANC currently holds so dear. Using a mixture of young and established leaders in these areas will demonstrate the seriousness of the DA’s intention to be a party for all South Africans. Once this is achieved, the quest for governance in 2014 will be a significant factor in yet another change in South Africa’s political landscape.

To close, in 49 B.C. , Julius Caesar, after amassing a sizable military (and wealth), had to decide whether to follow the Roman protocol and surrender his army, or cross the Rubicon, declare war on the present, and change history forever. Before crossing the Rubicon, he famously declared, “Alea Jacta Est” (The die is now cast).

Forward to the day when Helen Zille stands at the gates of parliament and cries,

“Isinqumo sesithathiwe”

So Close, but change is coming, I hope. May 21, 2011

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Cape Town Stadium from Signal Hill

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So today was yet another momentous sporting day in Cape Town. Ajax Cape Town, playing the last game of the PSL 2010/2011 season, were 3 points away from winning the title, and were playing at the Cape Town Stadium. This game had even more importance, as the 2 powerhouses of South African Football, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, had a shot at winning the title, and were playing concurrently.

Now, admittedly, this was my very first trip to a local PSL game. And yes, it took nearly a year, but I finally made good on the promise I made to myself during the World Cup that I would go to a PSL game, and see if the product was worth the effort. I have to say that I’m glad I went!

The logistics of getting to the game was precisely as it was for the global showpiece. Even with the fact that there were only 40,000 tickets on sale (the stadium capacity is 60,000), the fan walk was in full swing. Although we didn’t take it this time, the reports were good. We took the MyCiti bus from the city centre to the stadium, and from the car to the seat took 15 minutes.  

With Ajax playing, there was a plethora of merchandise on hand, and for dirt cheap! And it is here where I must add something very important. Cape Town is also a rugby mad town. Newlands is the best supported venue in both the Super 15, and the Currie Cup. But the prices of the tickets, the merch and concession stand prices, and the logistics of getting to the game are far less world class than today’s game. Surely, it must be time for WP rugby to seriously consider a move to the 21st century. Imagine, guys, 60,000 people at R60 buying more stuff, shouting louder……..

But I digress. The game itself was a 2-half show indeed! Ajax took a 1-0 lead into the half, then managed to have a denfensive brain freeze to be 2-1 down until the 2nd last minute, when the equaliser was scored, so there was just enough time to bite off the last finger nail, as a win would’ve secured the title. Alas, it was not to be, as Orlando managed to win their game, and claim the title on goal difference! What a thriller of a final day! (English Premier League, eat your heart out!)

The bus ride back to the CBD was just like walking back to your car from Newlands after a WP loss. Suddenly everyone agrees that the keeper should’ve retired 10 years ago (Although this time, they were right. Hans Vonk made a howler that let them back in the game). The difference between the bus ride and the walk was that this time, we were in a world-class bus, using a top-notch, safe and free (on match days) transport system, whereas I would’ve been braving the winter weather on the walk through the Newlands streets. It’s clear that the Cape Town Stadium needs one of the city’s 2 top sporting teams to be an anchor tennant. I’m really hoping that one of them take the bait, as I would really enjoy another sporting day like today on a far more regular ocaasion, no matter the result.  

Here are some pics from inside the stadium, taken with my Samsung Galaxy.

Finally, for Natasha Fry, my wife, it was her first time to the Cape Town Stadium. She liked it! Special shout-out to my friends Vanessa Welby-Solomon and Futurecapetown for reaching out during the game and spreading the love.

Hopefully next time, the bus ride home would be a LOT more pleasant!

Success… May 12, 2011

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Success is seeing the smile on someone’s face after you’ve helped them achieve the unthinkable. Success is believing you’ve achieved before you’ve begun. Success is realizing you’re part of a global world, and making your unique mark on it. Success is understanding that I cannot be what I ought to be unless you become what you ought to. Success is knowing that it is not just once-off…..there is more to come just around the corner. Success is conquering your fears, and achieving your dreams. Success is being content.

No longer winning ugly March 21, 2011

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For their first 3 games of the Super 15 season, the Stormers seemed to labour unexpectedly. The attacks lacked creativity, the setpieces looked disjointed, & even with all the experience on the field, there was glaringly obvious leadership void. Yes, 2 of those opening games were against South African franchises, and the defensive patterns were equal to last season’s pedigree, but it just seemed that there was something amiss.

The most promising aspect of these games were that the Stormers – even when playing rotten rugby – have learnt to guts it out and win ugly. In truth, that attribute will serve them well in the 8 local derbies they will play in the new format.

Last night though, against the Bulls, at “Fortress” Loftus, we saw an evolved Stormers side effectively dismantle the reigning champions through the next level of winning ugly; uncompromising discipline.

Maybe it was a good thing that this game was played in Pretoria in the rain, the 2 biggest mental blocks the Stormers have had of late. Teams of old would have capitulated before the opening whistle, & the Faithful (I just love that fan nickname!) would have rambled on about we’d get them next time. This time, things were different.

The defense was rock solid. That can only come from discipline, & trusting the guy next to you. And for the first time this season, the attack gained momentum. Peter Grant gave Morne Steyn a lesson in creative attack, & Bryan Habana, returning to his old home ground, finally got rewarded for his tireless efforts to regain form. The measure of the backing his team has given him wS clear when even the waterboy joined the celebrations after he scored.

And what a performance by that pack! Gone are the days of being derided as spineless, the tight five pushed the home team(vitually all of them incumbent Springboks) of their own ball in not 1, but 2 scrums! The loosies, without Schalk, showed the rest of the teams how to steal ball at will.

And Dewalt Duvenhage, the link holding the game together, throughoughly deserved his Man of the match award.

Yes there is much more work to be done. There are a lot of dangerous teams lying in wait. The Crusaders are looking their ominous selves, while the Waratahs will be hurting after their shock loss to the Cheetahs (of all teams).

But one thing is certain; the Stormers passed their first real test with Aplon(couldn’t help that!). Let’s hope they keep it going…

Laat dit rol, Stormers!!!

Hello world! November 1, 2010

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