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Strikes and Synergy July 12, 2011

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National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

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South Africa is dealing with yet another strike season. This time around, it is the National Union of Metal Workers (NUMSA) who have led the cause, and are into the second week of the industrial action. They are asking for increases of 10-13%, while employers are offering an average of 7%.

The right to strike is one of the many rights that were part of the overall struggle against apartheid, and no one would deny any worker’s right to strike, provided it is within the confines of the law. However, as outlined by ANC chairwoman Baleka Mbete, when the strike trun violent, and in some cases, even deadly, then they lose not only the point of the action, but also the sentiment of the public in supporting their right to the action.

Now one could add that the violence associated with strike can be traced back to the armed struggle and the violent uprisings that marred the 80’s in this country.

The violence, however, highlights a greater divide within the South African workplace. It is alarmingly clear that there is virtually no synergy between employer bodies and trade unions in this country. Moreover, there is precious little desire on both sides to create synergy in this most vital of partnerships. And Synergy, is exactly what we need in the current market conditions. Without it, the South African workplace will not realise the potential that lies within.

So, just how do we create that Synergy? Your comments welcome…


Julius Malema finally debunked in the media June 22, 2011

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It was so good to hear Xolani Gwala take Julius Malema to task this morning over the content of his closing speech at the ANC Youth League National Congress this past Sunday in Sandton. Interviewing him on ‘The Forum at 8’ on SAFM this morning, Xolani pushed him in to a rather small proverbial corner, and eventually forced him to backtrack on most of his statements in that speech.

Although there is credence to what Julius says in terms of land restitution being too slow, he clearly has not thought of the consequences of retribution without compensation. Neither is his views on nationalization coherent enough to be taken seriously.

The letter that I sent to theCapeTimeswith respect to today’s happenings can be found below.


Well done to Xolani Gwala on an excellent piece of radio journalism this morning (22.06.2011) on ‘The Forum at 8’ with your interview with Julius Malema. You have shown him up as someone who is unable to back up his wild rhetoric with coherent logic. It is very clear that for most of the discussion, he backtracked on virtually all the comments he made during his closing speech at the ANCYL congress on Sunday afternoon.

His own comrades within the ANC Youth League were calling in to the program to voice their displeasure at the way he represented his organisation and the resolutions passed both at the National congress last week, as well as on the radio this morning.

Hopefully, he will now be further exposed on such platforms, and the nation will see that while he is a populist and part of what he says is true, the way in which he handles himself offers no value to the debate of nation building inSouth Africa.