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Branding and Marketing You : Enhancing your greatest advert July 1, 2011

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I am a South African, and very proudly so. There are many places, events, inventions and the like which were born in our land that warm the cockles of my heart.

I didn’t know that the 9 people outlined in this book would make make me an even prouder citizen.

Donna Rachelson has sat with 9 distinctly different, but very successful South Africans, and outlined what has made their respective brands so popular not only in their chosen fields, but in the greater South African psyche. It is without doubt that each of these individuals are not only building their brands, but are already leaving a legacy. They are from vastly different professions ranging of education, research and social media to entertainment, politics, broadcasting and entrepreneurship. However, the values and work ethic are very similar, where integrity, commitment, giving back, and hard work among others are the bedrock of the brands that they have built. The overriding aspect of all these outstanding individuals is that they are immensely passionate about what they do and pursue their goals with a zeal that only a healthy regard for their passion can fuel.

They have used their respective values, coupled with their life experiences to mould examples to all of us of how to determine what our own brands are, how to develop them, and how to cultivate a strong value system that would underpin them.

Donna very expertly draws the wealth of information gathered into a very easily readable book that is not only very enjoyable, but extremely informative and energizing. Once you’re done reading this book, you cannot help but start mapping out your own passions, examining your own values, and start building your own brand!

For more in Donna’s own brand, please visit her website here

If you want to learn from 10 very successful South Africans how to build your brand, and leave a lasting legacy…




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