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Plonker of the Week : Gavin Rich June 26, 2011

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Come this Saturday, history will be made at Newlands. For the first time in Super Rugby history, the Stormers will play the Crusaders at Newlands twice in one season.

This, of course, will add a considerable amount of fan to the flame surrounding the conduct of supporters of both teams in Cape Town. If you would recall, the Stormers lost a nail biter by 6 in week 12, and the ensuing banter between the two sets of fans degenerated into unneccesary racist overtones across various platforms.

Now that there will be a lot more on the line, you can expect Saturday’s game to be a whole lot more tighter than the previous 2 encounters at Newlands (in 2010, the Stormers routed them by 24), with a lot more nervous fans on either side. Let’s hope all calm prevails.


Which is more than what I can sya for Gavin Rich. He had 3 pieces published in yesterday’s Weekend Argus. On the Sport backpage, he ranted on about how the Stormers had overcome a nightmare draw, and how hamstrung they were. Oi! Wake up, Gav. The season was split into 2 even halves, and had it not been for the brain freeze that happened against the Chiefs, and the lack of discipline against the Reds, we would have been top of the log, and been seriously considering a home final for the first time ever! Ranting on about the draw is like like berating a team for going for a try when they should’ve taken a shot at goal, but they get the 7-pointer anyway.

In his second column, and it was his normal column, he questions the Stormers’ ability to win clutch games at Newlands, pointing out that we’ve lost more games at home this year than away. While that might be true, he forgets to note that of the games we’ve lost, they were against top teams (Bulls, Reds, and Crusaders), and for the large part we were our own worst enemy. The major advantage of a bye going into the playoffs is that you have a rest week, as well as a week’s extra planning going into the game. The Stormers have never has this luxury before, and surely Gavin should’ve taken this into account.


Just how he gets so much space in the Cape’s premier Saturday paper is beyond me!



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