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Malema’s Plan : Be afraid June 20, 2011

Posted by cmfry in Politics.
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Julius Malema was re-elected as the President of the ANC Youth League at it’s National Conference held in Sandton over the past couple of days. The delegates were today going to adopt policy resolutions that would put them in direct defiance of the ANC leadership and current government policy. (The Sunday Times‘ article on the same can be found here.)

Now, to those of us who have a hint of common sense and are interested in what happens around us would have no trouble understanding the sheer madness of the resolutions that were passed. To put unskilled labour in charge of farms would place us in the exact samesituation as Zimbabwe, contrary to what Julius would have us believe. Ditto with regard to the nationalisation of mines. Furthermore, it had been proven time and again that more often than not, nationalisation means wage lowering. Let’s see how the ‘ Vanguard of the Working Class’ sells this to their constituents. And while I agree that our foreign policy has been pitiful to say the least, clearly the ANCYL has not learnt from they recent Arab Spring uprisings. People are sick of despots, and supporting African Leaders, most of whom have been in power for more than 2 generations, will prove more disastrous than pulling the contract to build more large military aircraft.

The strengthening of Julius’ hand in the ANC, by being elected unopposed, does not bode well for the ANC, as well as the nation.

It is high time the body politic, including the media, stop romanticising him, and be more vocal in opposition to him.

It’s time for him to know exactly what most of us think of him. Otherwise, bad things might happen, because good people kept quiet.



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