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Patricia DeLille installed as Mayor of Cape Town June 1, 2011

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I was privileged to be present in the council chamber at thee inaugural meeting of the city council of Cape Town, held on 1 June 2011.

As council meetings go, this was about as dignified as they come. And everything went according to plan, with Dirk Smit installed as speaker, and Patricia De Lille elected as mayor.

In her speech, she reiterated her commitments made during the campaign, with the fervour and zest that characterises her career. She outlined how Cape Town would become a more caring city through addressing various social issues including back yard dwellers, expanding the IRT system and engaging service delivery for all. She also thanked previous mayors, Dan Plato and Helen Zille, who was in the gallery.

The new mayor’s speech for the most part, drew the ire of the ANC, with the speaker having to call the house to order on more than one occasion.

In the reply session, Tony Ehrenreich, the ANC mayoral candidate continued to beat the same drum as during his campaign, bringing up the Makhaza toilet saga yet again, while bringing up the incorrect notion that the DA does not care for poor people. It is indeed sad that a man of his intellect can be so dishonest and driven by the nefarious agenda of others.

Ian Nielsen was voted in as Deputy Mayor & Anthea Serritslev elected unopposed as Chief Whip of the council.

Attached are some photos taken in the chamber.

Finally, my thanks to Alderman Garin Cavanagh for the invitation to attend today’s meeting.



1. Signage - October 22, 2011

Exceptionally well written post!!

chrismariofry - October 22, 2011

Thanks very much!

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