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Response to ‘DA Whitewash’ April 20, 2011

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Below is my response to a letter in the Cape Times of 20 April 2011 by Councillor Jabu Mfusi of the City of Cape Town. It was sent to the Editor of the Cape Times.

In reply to Councillor Jabu Mfusi’s letter, ‘DA Whitewash’ (20 April 2011, Cape Times), the only thing one can really say is facts, figures and actions speak for themselves.
The DA has delivered to all areas of the City of Cape Town, as well as other DA-led municipalities. This is supported by the DA’s delivery blog (http://thedadeliverydaily.com/) which outlines instances where DA-run municipalities have delivered and submits evidence to each fact.
Furthermore, the fact that the DA’s leadership is fast evolving to represent all its various constituencies shows that an increasing amount of competent, capable leaders from all backgrounds are buying into the vision of the Open, Opportunity Society for All.
Finally, the Deputy President has already stated that the ANC is not in a position to win back the City come May 18. The Councillor will do well to note that the City is far better off than it was under ANC rule. Surely, the people of Cape Town would want this trend to continue.



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